384-Column DNA-SynTower® (Custom designed)

The DNA SynTower® enables up to 4000 oligonucleotides(20 mer) to be synthesized within 24 h

The SynTower® is the latest development of the PolyGen instrument line. Its modular design is based on the SynTowers® DNA Synthesis Workstation.

Up to 32 modules with 12 columns each can be operated independently. Thus, up to 384 oligonucleotides can be synthesized in parallel.

  • Independent control of the different modules via separate power supplies and processor circuit boards.
  • In this way, should errors occur, one module can be stopped or serviced while the others continue to synthesize.
  • The modules can be run separately with different synthesis programs and at different scales.
  • Separate DMT monitoring for all 96 columns.
  • The module function is based on the patented Slider System, as is used in the proven 10-column synthesizer.
  • The entire DNA Synthesis Workstation can be provided with reagents from a central source and the consumption monitored.
  • The reagents are supplied from large-volume reservoirs that can be customized to the synthesis scale of users. In this way frequent refilling of reagents is rendered unnecessary.
  • The required space is minimal: 120 x 120 x 100 cm (length x depth x height).