Dimensions: External: 305w x 240d x 200h mm; Internal: 305w x 240d mm [hob]; Packed: 335 x 270 x 200mm

Temperature Range: ambient +10° - 350°C

Voltage: 230V

Packed Weight: 7.2 kg

  • Sand is placed on the hotplate within the frame formed by Sand Bath kit accessory. A reaction vessel can then be partially covered by sand, which conducts the heat from the plate to all sides of the reaction vessel. This technique allows a reaction vessel to be heated throughout with minimal stirring, as opposed to heating the bottom of the vessel and waiting for convection to heat the remainder, cutting down on both the duration of the reaction and the possibility of side reactions that may occur at higher temperatures.
  • The sand bath is also better than a water bath or mineral-oil bath at higher temperatures in that there's no open container of liquid to worry about, and sand won't evaporate or impose a particular temperature limit. This is especially useful when something must be heated above 250 °C (the approximate limit for an oil bath).
  • Durable and ideal for laboratory scaffolding or clamping vessels in position.
  • Solid aluminium top plate with excellent thermal properties.
  • Choice of three sizes suiting your needs for either large hotplate working area down to a small size unit.
  • Featuring and on/off mains switch and heater on indicator.
  • The hob overlaps the base ensuring spillages do not ingress into the controls.
  • Easily converted into a sand bath with accessory kit for direct immersion of samples.
  • Accepts laboratory scaffolding.
  • Hob maximum temperature 350°C.
  • Fitted with non-slip rubber feet for safety.
  • Fitted with an IP rated clear booted on/off mains switch preventing ingress of moisture.
  • Each hotplate is uniquely identified with its own serial number recorded on our product database, which includes all of its manufacturing inspection data. Electrically tested for safety at final inspection and a test certificate
Description These analogue hotplates feature a generous working area, thermostatically controlled, with an illuminated on/off switch and heater and Hot warning indicator.
  Featuring a hob surface, which overlaps the body to ensure that no spillages enter the controls. The hob is solid aluminium, 12mm thick for excellent thermal properties and uniform heat distribution over its working area.
  Painted surfaces and the control panel have an antibacterial protection and are also all chemical resistant wipe clean surfaces. Hob temperature can be adjusted using the control dial.
  Sand bath kits allow samples to be directly immersed in a dry and high temperature environment, see accessories. Also these Hotplates accept standard laboratory retort rods which enable scaffolding to be constructed so that vessels can be heated without direct contact with hot surface.
Temperature Setting analogue dial
Immersed Components aluminium [heating surface]
Warranty Period 3 Years