Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

BioTek's patented Hybrid multi-mode microplate readers combine a flexible monochromator detection system and a high efficiency filter/dichroic detection system in one instrument. Synergy H1 offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio, while Synergy H4 has been designed to cover the broadest range of applications.

Synergy™ H1 is a flexible monochromator-based multi-mode microplate reader that can be turned into a high-performance patented Hybrid system with the addition of a filter-based optical module. The monochromator optics uses a third generation quadruple grating design that allows working at any excitation or emission wavelength with a 1 nm step. This system supports top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible absorbance and high performance luminescence detection. It is the ideal system for all the standard microplate applications found in life science research laboratories.

The filter module is a completely independent add-on that includes its own light source, and a high performance dichroic-based wavelength selection system. With its very high optical efficiency, this module supports advanced detection modes such as Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence & TR-FRET and filtered luminescence (e.g. BRET). A dual reagent injection system is available to automate inject/read assays such as ion channels assays or flash luminescence assays (e.g. luciferase or ATP assays).

To create the ideal physiological environment for live-cell assays, the new Gas Controller for Synergy H1 allows control and monitoring of CO2 and O2 levels within the Synergy H1. The Gas Controller, along with user-adjustable orbital shaking and advanced 4-ZoneTM temperature control make up the CellControlTM feature set available for the Synergy H1 readers.

Wavelength Selection Patented Hybrid Technology™ (protected under U.S. Patent 8,218,141)
Quadruple Monochromators and Filters / Dichroics
Detection mode Monochromator system: Fluorescence, Luminescence, UV-Visible Absorbance
Filter system: Fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence
Read method End point, kinetic, spectral scanning, well-area scanning
Microplate types 1- to 384-well plates
Compatible with Take3 Multi-Volume Plate with 2 µL microspots
Temperature control To 45°C, ±0.5 °C at 37°C
Shaking Yes
Software Gen5™ reader control included, advanced data analysis, Microsoft® Excel® export. Control through USB or serial port
Automation Yes
CO2 and O2 Control Gas Controller option available for Synergy H1 models
Light source Xenon Flash Lamp
Wavelength selection Monochromator
Wavelength range 230 - 999 nm, 1 nm increment
Bandpass 4 nm (230-285 nm), 8 nm (>285 nm)
Dynamic range 0 - 4.0 OD
Resolution 0.0001 OD
Pathlength correction Yes
Monochromator wavelength accuracy ±2 nm
Monochromator wavelength repeatability ±0.2 nm
OD accuracy <1% at 2.0 OD typical
<3% at 3.0 OD typical
OD linearity <1% from 0 to 3.0 OD typical
OD repeatability <0.5% at 2.0 OD typical
Stray light 0.03% at 230 nm typical
Reading speed 96: 11 seconds
384: 22 seconds
Fluorescence Intensity
Sensitivity Monochromators:
Top: fluorescein 2.5 pM typical (0.25 fmol/well 384-well plate)
Bottom: fluorescein 5 pM typical (0.5 fmol/well 384-well plate)
Fluorescein 1 pM typical (0.1 fmol/well 384-well plate)
Light source Xenon Flash Lamp
Wavelength selection Double grating monochromators (Top and Bottom) and,
Deep blocking bandpass filters / dichroic mirrors (Top)
Wavelength range Monos: 250 - 700 nm
Filters: 200 - 700 nm (850 option)
Dynamic range 5 decades
Detection system Two PMT detectors: one for monochromator system, one for filter system
Reading speed 96: 11 seconds
384: 22 seconds
Sensitivity Monochromator system: 20 amol ATP typical (flash)
Filter system: 10 amol ATP typical (flash)
Wavelength range 300 - 700 nm
Dynamic range >6 decades
Fluorescence Polarization
Sensitivity 5 mP at 1 nM fluorescein typical
Wavelength range 320 - 700 nm (850 nm option)
Time-Resolved Fluorescence
Light source Xenon Flash Lamp
Sensitivity Europium 100 fM typical with filters (10 amol/well in 384-well plate)
Europium 1200 fM typical with monos (120 amol/well in 384-well plate)
Wavelength range Monos: 250 - 700 nm
Filters: 200 - 700 nm (850 option)
Reagent Dispensers
Dispense Precision <2% at 50-200 µL
Dispense Accuracy ±1 µL or 2%
Number 2 syringe pumps
Plate Geometry 1- to 384-well microplates
Dispense volume 5 - 1000 µL in 1 µL increment
Dead volume 1 mL, 100 µL with back flush
Physical Characteristics
Power 130 Watts max
Dimensions 15.4"W 18.6"D 12.9"H (39.1 x 47.2 x 32.8 cm)
Weight 50 lbs (22.5 kg)
Regulatory CE and TUV marked. In Vitro Diagnostic use models are available.
  • Patented Hybrid Technology™ combines flexible monochromator detection with high performance dichroic-based detection.
  • Compatible with the Gas Controller for control and monitoring of CO2 and O2.
  • Compatible with Take3™ Micro-Volume Plate: samples down to 2 µL volume can be measured. Especially useful when working with precious samples, for fast and accurate DNA/RNA quantification at 260 nm
  • Quadruple grating monochromator for maximum flexibility and ease of use.
  • Dichroic-based filter optics, for best performance and advanced detection technologies such as fluorescence polarization and time resolved fluorescence.
  • Comes with Gen5 software: reader control, advanced data analysis and flexible Excel export in one software package.

Gen5 Data Analysis Software

BioTek’s new Gen5™ software offers a logical interface designed to easily flow from reading parameters, to plate layout, to powerful data reduction, and finally to flexible data output options. The results of this intuitive design, including the exclusive StepWise™ protocol and data reduction tools and the power of Gen5's data reduction, will be evident in increased laboratory efficiency.

BioStack3 Microplate Stacker

BioStack3 is the fastest stacker available to integrate with BioTek microplate instruments including washers, dispensers and readers. The new design allows compact, walk-away automation for benchtop or laboratory enclosure use.