DC Immersion Coolers

Dimensions: External: 345w x 445d x265h mm; Packed: 450x410x320mm

Temperature Range: Ambient to -20°C

Voltage: 230V

Packed Weight: 22kg

  • Competitively priced providing broad working temperature range from ambient to -20°C.
  • Cooler fitted with flexible hose and coil which can be easily immersed into water baths or other tanks, allowing these to operate at or below room temperature.
  • An energy efficient cooling method using ozone friendly refrigerant.
  • The design of the cooling coil and powerful compressor, even at low negative temperatures, ensures class leading performance.
  • Powder painted casework providing a long and durable life.
  • IP rated main switch.
  • Completes a 100% leak and performance tests before leaving the factory here at Nickel-Electro. The performance test is conducted over 2 days, starting with an initial gas fill and cool down test with a NE4-8D Stirred water bath recording and verifying the time taken to reach 0°C, -15°C and -20°C ensuring it achieves specification. Repeated the next day.
  • Powder painted body providing a durable finish and protection against corrosion and now featuring “active anti-bacterial technology”. This paint finish actively inhibits bacterial growth improving hygiene requirements as demanded by many clinical and laboratory environments. Hygienic coatings are part of a controlled approach to cleaner facilities. The Clifton range has always featured easy to wipe clean smooth paint finishes that are resistant to routine and efficient disinfection’s, however this improved coating featuring ‘active anti-bacterial’ properties provides an extra layer of defence. This new anti-bacterial paint finish is effective against major strains of bacterium including E-coli and Staphylococcus aureus, resistant strain. Within its formulation an active ingredient is a proven anti-bacterial agent bound into the coating during application and curing to the product. The efficacy of the paint finish applied to the Clifton range is maintained over time, as the anti-bacterial agent is integral within the paint finish. 10. Each unit is uniquely identified with its own serial number recorded on our product database, which includes all of its manufacturing inspection data. Electrically tested for safety at final inspection and a test certificate enclosed in rear of the instruction book.
Description This refrigeration cooler has no temperature control, being easy to use makes this model an ideal instruments for a variety of cooling applications, suiting an immersion cooling coil. The immersion cooler runs continuously providing counter cooling with bath providing temperature control.
Temperature Display None
Temperature Setting No controls - always on counter cooling - requires NE4 Stirred or Circulating bath to maintain a set temperature.
Safety Features Compressor motor protected by a safety cut out.
  IP rated clear booted on/off mains switch preventing ingress of moisture.
Immersed Components Cooling coil manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel
Warranty Period 3 Years