Magnetic Stirrers

Single Place Heated Magnetic Stirrer with Aluminium Hob

Dimensions: External: 190w x 300d x 110h mm; Heating plate size: 160 x 160mm; Heated area: 160 x 160mm; Packed size: 40 x 23 x 28mm

Temperature Range: ambient to 325°C

Temperature control: Analogue

Stirring speed: 100 - 1500rpm

Stirring volume max.: 15 litres

Packed Weight: 4.6kg

  • Magnetic Followers encased in PTFE 40mm
  • Magnetic Followers encased in PTFE 20mm
  • 10 x 500mm Aluminium Retort Rod
  • Easy clean and spillages directed away from controls
  • Durable heating surface
  • Over temperature protection provided by auto setting alarm +20°C above set point, disables heating
  • Smooth start stirring 100rpm up to maximum speed 1500rpm
  • Maximum stirring volume 15 litres
  • Economically priced, robust design
  • Featuring an "Anti-bacterial paint finish".
Description Popular Clifton® aluminium hotplate stirrers are designed for general laboratory requirements, this a single place heated magnetic stirrer.
  Featuring a robust aluminium heating surface, with good heat transfer, the plate can be precisely controlled, spillages are directed away from the controls and user. Smooth start up and changes in stirring speed ensure that the follower increases or decreases its mixing speed without detaching.
Safety features Hot warning indicator when the hob temperature is above 50°C, even when the hob is turned off. Spill proof design, IP32 with thermal over temperature protection.
Power Consumption (220-240V) 750W
Warranty Period 3 Years