Ultrasonic Baths

Heated Digital

4 Litre Heated Digital Ultrasonic Bath

Dimensions: External: 332w x 185d x 290h mm; Internal: 300w x 150d x 150h mm

Capacity: Nominal Tank Capacity: 4 Litres

Temperature Range: ambient +5°C to maximum 69°C

Voltage: 230V

Packed Weight: 5.1 kg

  • Stainless Steel Wire Basket for 4 Litre Baths
  • Flat One Piece Stainless Steel Lid for 2 and 4 Litre Baths
  • Beaker Lid, stainless steel, for 4 litre baths
  • Ultraclear Cleaning Solution 1 Litre
  • Draining Syphon
  • 1250ml Stainless Steel Beaker 100mm Diameter x 165mm High
  • This bath is ideal for the routine cleaning of delicate or fragile components/glassware and where there may be a risk of breakage as a result of manual cleaning.
  • High power piezoelectric transducers ensure maximum ultrasonic power throughout working area. Constant tuning eliminates the need for frequency sweeping.
  • Noise reduction techniques for reduced noise levels in a laboratory using insulation between vibrating and static surfaces reducing the ultrasonic ‘shrill’ to a vigorous ‘hum’ and using disc transducers rather than pillars for quieter operation.
  • Variable temperature control up to 69°C which can be digitally set and displayed in increments of one degree.
  • Indication set point temperature.
  • Easy to read bold temperature display.
Description These heated ultrasonic baths are suitable for sonochemistry, degassing and sample dissolution and cleaning of delicate or fragile components/glassware especially where there may be a risk of breakage as a result of manual cleaning. The addition of heaters on this range ensures that optimum operating temperature for maximum ultrasonic efficiency is reached rapidly.
  Using high performance piezoelectric disc transducers to ensure, consistent ultrasonic activity throughout the tank liquid ideal for laboratory routines. The activity is called cavitation - this is created by pressure waves, which causes bubbles to form and collapse.
Temperature Display Display LED display of either set or measured temperature in increments of 1°C .
Heating/Cooling Information It is recommended that to achieve consistent heating, minimise evaporation and act as a dust cover, preventing contamination when ultrasonic bath is not in use, it should be covered with LD series accessory lid - detailed below.
Safety Features A Safety cut-out liquid level sensor constantly monitors the water level and switches the heaters and ultrasonics off when low liquid levels are detected. An audible sounder is also triggered.
Warranty Period 3 Years