Water Bath

1000 Boiling baths

203 x 127mm Stainless steel Electric Circular Boiling Bath - 3.24 Litres Approx

Dimensions: External: 203 x 127mm, Packed: 330 x 330 x 230mm

Capacity: Nominal Tank Capacity: 3.24 Litres

Temperature Range:Boiling @100°C

Voltage: 230V

Packed Weight: 2 kg

Energy Regulator

  • Adds level of boiling control to Circular and Rectangular, multiplace series of Boiling Baths
  • Simple to use control, robust and reliable)
  • Small footprint
  • Non slip feet
  • All baths have an integral constant level device to regulate the level of water, adjusted correctly will maintain boiling
  • Supplied with concentric ringed lid to vary the diameter holes
  • Accessory Energy Regulator ER-1 can be used for control between vigorous boil and gentle simmer
  • Smooth walled tank making it easy to clean and de-scale
  • Each bath is uniquely identified with its own serial number recorded on our product database, which includes all of its manufacturing inspection data. Electrically tested for safety at final inspection and a test certificate enclosed in rear of the instruction book.
Product Code 1026E
Dimensions External: 203 x 127mm
Description Clifton Single Place Heated Magnetic Stirrer, robustly constructed and designed with durability in mind, featuring independent temperature and speed control.
  Unit consists of a low profile case with a wipe clean sloping control panel which features 'bright' status indicators. An aluminium hob plate provides a stable source of constant heating. Spillages are directed away from the controls. Smooth start up with controlled changes in stirring speed ensures the follower increases of decreases its mixing speed without detaching.
Temperature Setting Constant boiling - no control. Can use accessory ER-1 to regulate boiling.
Heating/Cooling Information The bath provides constant boiling water for gentle heating of samples and in steam.
Safety Features Always connect the constant level with laboratory tubing to a water supply, adjust the flow to gently top up the water level, whilst maintaining boiling.